Friday, July 9, 2010

Bryan Levine | Mobilegs second end-user

During a few stolen minutes at Starbucks I spotted a young millenial crutch-user. While he waited for his latte. I asked him how long he had been on crutches, with a pained expression, he replied-'five long months'. Crutches user Bryan sustained a knee injury that required extensive surgery. During that time beyond the discomfort of the crutch use, he had to have the aluminum crutches replaced at lease three times--some due to foot replacement, some due to total structural failure. He and his companion sat down for a moment while I pulled up to show him our product. He was instantly enthralled and asked 'where can I get these!?'. I told him we were eagerly awaiting our first shipment. I know that this was a perfect opportunity to positively impact the last weeks of his experience, gain some exposure for Mobilegs and to have him blog about his experience.

He came by to pick up his set of Ultra Mobilegs this afternoon. Excitedly, he walked out into the street with a new attitude about the last month of his 'crutches story'. We know he will have a great experience. See pics of Bryan on Facebook.


Todd A. Nelson
Director of Retail Distribution, Marketing

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