Monday, January 30, 2012

Self Defense Techniques to Consider if You're Using Crutches

Being on crutches can put you in a vulnerable position when it comes to self defense. Unfortunately, attackers often prey on people who are less likely to run or fight back.

Rather than a sign of weakness, though, borrowing from some martial arts techniques, a crutch could be used as a defense weapon.

Consider, for instance, the Hapkido self-defense techniques used with a Bo Staff.

In this video, the staff is used to defend against an attacker by striking the eyes:

And, this video demonstrates a similar technique, using the staff to strike an attacker in the stomach:

In this slightly more difficult technique, the staff is used to defend against an attacker who has grabbed the victim:

You don't have to have martial arts training to borrow from these techniques. Considering your crutch as a defense weapon could be enough to scare away an attacker, or allow you time to yell and call for help.

In addition to the bo staff techniques, there's a growing discipline called "cane-fu" - self defense using a cane. Again, while not the same device, some of these techniques could be adapted for a crutch. Watch more in this news story:

There are merely suggestions of ways to defend against an attacker, should you find yourself in that situation. The best protection is to prepare and be proactive - try not to travel alone, chose routes that are well lit and easier to navigate, always carry a cell phone and don't hesitate to cal for help if any situation feels off, and although mobility is difficult, always focus on your surroundings so that you are alert and confident.

If you are interested in additional training, the International Disabled Self-Defense Association has a program of self-defense techniques for individuals with disabilities. These programs can be found in their video library. 


  1. I think this is a great thing to take up if your old and need a stick

    1. I have been forced into crutches full-time by old injuries. But I've NEVER been a victim.
      Some nitwit attacked me about a year ago & I demolished him with 1 hit. THE KEY IS to plan ahead. Practice mentally until moves are automatic. Think!
      As for canes - my hickory cane's handle rip is pointed, NOT ROUNDED. Before the crutches, I used it to destroy an attacker's popliteal fossa. The move was: toss the cane so I gripped it by the foot, swing the handle behind his knee, THEN YANK the cane toward me. Result: crippled Native woman put idiot on ground immediately, where she could easily move to a position to hit him a hammer blow on the head. No more attacker.
      Surprise is a part of your weaponry. Essential part is using your weapons without hesitation.

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